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Review... More Like Wub-view

Dubstep is Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that uses both atonal and tonal sounds to create syncopated rhythms. The sub bass-- or “wub” sound-- in this music gives it its distinction.
Dubsteppin’ is a short radio story about how the genre is trending. The piece looks into why the music is attractive to its listeners, and asks whether the music will continue to be popular, or fade away as trends often do.
The producer provides different examples of what dubstep sounds like by playing parts of a few tracks. In the beginning of the piece, he uses a neat echo effect to introduce the listener to “Dubstep-step-step.” The quality of the transitions from narration to interview was smooth and volume balance is good.
In the intro, an interviewee named Matt was describing why his friend didn’t like dubstep. Then the producer comes in saying, “Electronic music is becoming more popular with each passing day.” Other than this contradictory bit, the writing is clear and easy to follow. This piece may work well to introduce listeners who aren’t familiar with the genre.
This piece could easily find itself in a radio segment about pop music.