Piece Comment

Best play yet on Radio Theatre

Linda Lopez McAllister is attracted to the juiciest plays, writers and actors. When it's a Camino Real production, I always listen. I'll find myself digesting what I've heard for months, years, afterward.

This is the most profound and beautiful piece she has produced yet. Karen is amazing.

Personal note: as a person living with a traumatic brain injury, I sometimes experience panic, chaos and futility. Ms. Tubman has been a role model to me for decades: if she could do it, I can, too.

So, when this play came to a local theater, I went. I was deeply moved and laughed in pure joy. Now, two years later, hearing it on radio, it has lost none of its poignancy, moral authority or celebration of life.

Linda, thank you. If you or Karen never produce another piece of theater again, you'll have made a precious contribution to the art form of the play, to radio theater, to remembering our history, to respect for people with behavioral health challenges.

To never forgetting our past and dooming ourselves to repeating it.

It's us. We are the change we seek.