Piece Comment

Review of Fresh Greens

This interesting collection of stories produced by youth radio groups from around the country ranges from the personal to the political. Topics include teens reflecting on their habits and energy consumption, the racial divide in the green movement, examinations of alternatives to standard consumerism such as community gardening and freeganism, and much more. The pieces come in a variety of formats -- from personal narratives to man-on-the-street interviews, to even a phone interview with Van Jones, Special Adviser for Green Jobs at the White House.

Keeping a long piece cohesive -- especially when it is composed of many diverse elements -- could be a challenge, but the friendly hosts do an excellent job of tying all of the stories together. The piece flows smoothly, and the use of music during the transitions also keeps the pace lively. The technical production on the individual stories is strong in most places as well. This is a good showcase of not only youth radio, but of the passion and concern that young people have for environmental issues, and I highly recommend it.