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Review of A Musician's Life: Mary Gauthier

I've had the pleasure of having Mary Gauthier play a fund-raiser of mine. She donated her time and performace, so I think highly of her and feel familiar with her story. Tracey Tannenbaum and the Musician's Life crew really captured Gauthier's essence in this 5 minute package. The key elements of her own personal story and how it connects with her music are delivered concisely (got to in 5 minutes!). One great question from Tracey to Mary. Paraphrasing - with your success and sobriety do you lose touch with the down-and-out characters your songs describe? Mary has a great answer offered to her by other greats who have managed to do the same: It's O.K. to be happy and somehow you don't lose touch.

Music stations would do well to consider running these segments to lead off special spotlight sets with these artists. It would give listeners a fabulous context from which to enjoy the music even more. Bravo!