Piece Comment

Review of Peace Talks Radio: Peaceful Parenting (58:00 / 54:00 / or three 29:00 programs)

We all try to model good behavior as parents, as adults, and this gives us much to consider. The studio interviews were done well and I am so glad that a young person, in this case a young man, was interviewed.

Still, perhaps the show would benefit from a short "set up" piece filed from the field. I wanted to hear more voices from the real world and wanted to hear from more young people.

Is there a way to incorporate questions from the audience. If not a live call in component, would it be possible to have call-outs or to solicit phone calls in advance of the recording session? And is there any chance to provide a little levity, appropriate levity to help me release my listening angst and to demonstrate that the people in the studio have human qualities just like the rest of us.

I applaud the fact that we heard conversation about culture and gender and the complexities of being both a parent and child and the peer pressures we all face.

Still, this is purposful radio that respects my intelligence and embraces civility.