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Review of Seeking Peace On Earth: The Peace Talks Radio 2005 Special

Bravo! There's something for every format, holiday or no holiday, ala carte or a whole segment.

The concept -- Seeking Peace on Earth has been done before by news teams and shows, but never as comprehensive and as engaging as this program.

Each segment has its own golden nugget and will at times leave your audience sentimental but inspired and satisfied.

Segment 2 , which is supposed to be the newscast hole, introduces the audience to the Iroquois Indian lesson that peacemakers don't have an agenda -- just ending the conflict. If you don't have a lot of time to fill, and want something that fits neatly in your schedule, this should do nicely.

Segment 3 includes segments with Yolanda King and Parenting expert Ruth Beaglehole. Both are engaging, informative and just make you want to hear more... especially Beaglehole if you're a parent. Common sense.

Segment 4 is one of those "driveway moments," particularly the first story on the Middle Eastern teenage girls at a summer Peace Camp. Their stories are moving and highly emotional. It's a story that you can play separately.

Segment 5, the last segment, includes a haunting interview with musician Steve Earle.

The stories are presented in such a way that programmers can play during most blocks.