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Review of Mei Mei, A Daughter's Song

This piece I believe may be amongst that small number of programmes that are recognized by name, by reputation.
Beautifully produced it is, movingly written, but the parts that moved me the most were those short glimpses of the mother daughter relationship during their interview sessions - I wanted more, and then thought that they were so skimpy on the ground perhaps because of the very lack of communication that is a central theme of the programme. So thin because perhaps there just wasn't more tape. Because mother and daughter have stopped speaking to each other.
It's a lovely tale that serves both to show the unlimited stretch of radiophonic techniques and also because it resonates with anyone who has a love hate relationship with a family member. Mother and daughter are divided by culture, by history, by changing times - they live parallel lives of dreams and hopes for the other, knowing they can never be the fulfillment of the other's projection. But in the end, they love each other because there's no choice.