American Routes and PRX FAQ

What's the news?

American Routes was formerly distributed by American Public Media. Starting July 2011, American Routes will be distributed exclusively by PRX. American Routes programs will be available through both ContentDepot and

Why are PRX and American Routes working together?

American Routes asked PRX for guidance through the transition and to expand the program's distribution options.

When does the switch from APM to PRX take place?

The last American Routes episode distributed by American Public Media will be fed on PRSS and made available on ContentDepot on June 29.

The first American Routes episode distributed by PRX will be posted to and ContentDepot on Wednesday July 6. PRX will set up a special area on for stations to get access to AR every week.

But I have never USED PRX!

No problem! Two answers:

  1. The program will also still be available on ContentDepot. If you use ContentDepot, you will need the new cut IDs, which you can find here: Getting American Routes from ContentDepot.
  2. On PRX, American Routes is available through an area called Networks. You'll download files for each show and then load those files into your automation system. See: Getting American Routes from PRX.

I'm with a station that carries American Routes and we've used PRX before. What happens now if I want to use PRX to get the show?

Our goal is to provide you with the reliable service you expect from PRX. You can find instructions for getting the show from PRX here.

Regarding pricing, American Routes has a carriage fee but NO affiliation fee starting in July 2011. Your carriage fee for American Routes is separate from the point package you use to buy other programs on PRX. Contact Ken Mills for details at publicradio [at] hotmail [dot] com or or 763-513-9988.

I'm with a station that carries American Routes and I DON'T have a PRX account. What happens now if I want to use PRX?

You will need a PRX station account to access American Routes on If you don't have an account, it does not cost you anything to create one for you and your staff. Just contact PRXhelp [at] prx [dot] org with the subject line AMERICAN ROUTES STATION. You do not need a PAID PRX account to access American Routes on PRX.

How do you create a PRX account?


  1. Create an individual account for each member of your staff who works with American Routes or helps it get on the air. Just go to and look for the Sign Up link on the upper right.
  2. Let us know when you do and we will link your individual accounts to the station account. Drop a note to PRXhelp [at] prx [dot] org with the subject line AMERICAN ROUTES STATION.
  3. Check with Ken Mills at publicradio [at] hotmail [dot] com for info on carriage fees.

What will be available on PRX?

You will see the American Routes program title, a show description and have access to:

  • All the MP2 audio files for the week’s shows
  • A streaming MP3 file so you can preview the show
  • Image files for the show
  • Any text files for the program
  • Generic or show-specific promo audio
  • Underwriting audio if that is available

Is the sound of American Routes going to change now that it is with PRX?

No. American Routes is an iconic public radio program; a classic! We're going to keep bringing you the best in roots, blues, rock and community sounds with Nick Spitzer's remarkable sense of historical and cultural context folded in.

How do I get specific promos and such for my market?

Please fill out this form.

What about fundraising shows and assistance?

Contact Ken Mills at publicradio [at] hotmail [dot] com

What are the carriage fees?

Head here for carriage fee info.