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Caption: Ursula K. Le Guin, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
Dmae Roberts features author Ursula K. Le Guin.

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Caption: Henry Winkler, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
Actor Henry Winkler didn't know he had dyslexia till his oldest son was diagnosed with it. Winkler was 31 at the time. He has become the author of...

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Caption: Opal Whiteley, Credit: Cottage Grove Historical Society
"Talking With The Wind: The Mystery of Opal Whiteley," a half-hour documentary about Opal Whiteley who caused an international scandal in 1920 whe...

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Caption: Hamlet at OSF, Credit: Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon Shakespeare Festival kicks off its 75th season with a fresh take on Hamlet.

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Caption: Grace Kurlychek, Credit: Dmae Roberts
A girl with disabilities receives emotional and physical therapy through horse-riding.

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A brief history of the impact the sugar industry had on immigration to Hawaii from all over the world.

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Caption: Docent at Hawaii's Plantation Village, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
“Plantation Culture” takes a look at what life was like growing up and living on the plantations. And how this life shaped the multicultural soci...

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Caption: Alutiiqu Mask "The Protector", Credit: Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak, AK
36 years ago… Alutiiq masks were taken From Kodiak, Alaska And given to France And for a short time they are... Coming Home: The Return of the A...

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Caption: Clay Cart ensemble, Credit: Courtesy of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
"In The Mix: Conversations with Artists...Between Races" by Dmae Roberts is a radio exploration of Mixed Race. Through the voices of artists who h...

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After experiencing the horror of the Khmer Rouge experience, Daran Kravanh credits an accordion that appeared on a stump in a forest with saving hi...

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Wilma Pang, Professor at San Francisco City College, shares the influence of Chinese opera, a rapidly-disappearing art form, wherever she can. Pan...

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Hidden Jews of Mexico profile

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Asian sailors and adventurers helped to form the new country of America.

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details the long-sought return of the Alutiiq Masks from France to Kodiak. AK.

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Ever try to give your cat a bath?

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Secret Asian Woman is a brief personal history of Mixed Race in America.

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Sound collage of Rock and Roll Camp for Girls

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Jon Jang, composer and jazz pianist, who paved the way for Asian American jazz musicians.

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Vietnamese adoptees from Operation Babylift tell their stories.

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