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Recent Pieces from Mat Kaplan

Caption: Volcano Loki Patera erupts on Jupiter's moon Io. Io inspired the first movement of The Moons Symphony., Credit: NASA

A Symphony for 7 Moons (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg is joined by Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker and retired astronaut Nicole Stott as she shares excerpts from The Moons Symphony.
Caption: Artist concept of the Solar Cruiser sail approaching the Sun, though it won't actually get nearly this close., Credit: NASA

Solar Cruiser: A Giant Sail Prepares for Space (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

NASA has given the green light to Principal Investigator Les Johnson and his team for construction of a solar sail that dwarfs all that have come before.
Caption: NASA astronauts Bob Behnken (left) and Doug Hurley are all smiles after safely returning to Earth aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon on 2 August 2020. The mission, Demo-2, was the first crewed flight of NASA's Commercial Crew program., Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Planetary Society All-Stars Review 2020 Space Milestones (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

In spite of everything, 2020 was a good year for space exploration according to five of The Planetary Society’s experts.
Caption: NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson in the International Space Station cupola during one of her space shuttle missions., Credit: NASA

Astronaut Stephanie Wilson Might Walk on the Moon (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

18 astronauts on the Artemis Team have a shot at walking on the Moon, and Stephanie Wilson is one of them.
Caption: Artist concept of the Perseverance rover examining an outcrop on Mars., Credit: NASA/JPL-CALTECH

What Do You Need to Make Martian Oxygen? MOXIE! (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Making oxygen from the Martian atmosphere will be essential if humans are ever to visit and work on the Red Planet, and the MOXIE experiment will soon show us how.
Caption: China's Chang'e-5 lunar lander makes an impression on the Moon., Credit: PRC

Welcoming a New Leader, and China’s Audacious Moon Mission (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Bill Nye helps us welcome the Planetary Society’s new president who also leads a new Moon mission, while China’s lunar sample return spacecraft is headed home.
Caption: This illustration highlights the Moon’s Clavius Crater with an illustration depicting water trapped in the lunar soil there, along with an image of NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) that found sunlit lunar water., Credit: NASA/Daniel Rutter

More Moon Water and an Update from Venus (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Astronomer Jane Greaves returns with an update on the phosphine gas floating above Venus, before Casey Honnibal takes us through her team’s discovery of water right out under ...
Caption: The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured these sand ripples and the large dune (at center) on Feb. 9, 2009. Color has been added to make textures easier to see., Credit: NASA/JPL-CALTECH

Revealing Mars From Above, and Crew Dragon is Go! (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Two pioneering Mars orbiters are still doing great work above the Red Planet, while the first operational Crew Dragon spaceship has delivered four astronauts to the ...
Caption: Artist impression of TransAstra spacecraft., Credit: TransAstra Corporation

A Return to Asteroid Mining, and Digging Into Space Ethics with Joel Sercel (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Joel Sercel believes we are entering an era in which asteroid mining and other commercial development of space are imminent, but he’s concerned about how we will avoid the ...
Caption: That's asteroid Bennu on the left. It's actually far smaller than Venus, revealed on the right by radar., Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

We Have Sampled an Asteroid! And the Search for Life Above Venus (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft appears to have collected its first sample from asteroid Bennu, while a team led by Jane Greaves has discovered what could be evidence of life in ...