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Recent Pieces from Guy Rathbun

Caption: A New World Begins, Credit: jacket cover by Chin-Yee Kai

A New World Begins (29:01)
From: Guy Rathbun

There’s a new book about the French Revolution. OK, you may be thinking, there’s nothing new to learn, however, not only has new revelations come to light in the last decade, ...
Caption: Toni Parenti

The New Orleans Gang (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Shortly after jazz was introduced to a New York audience, many musicians migrated out of New Orleans, however, a core of the performers remained. For over a decade, they were ...
Caption: Dr. Inga Hansen

The Ethical Sellout (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Usually, when someone is thought to have sold out, it’s a negative reference. It can mean they’ve betrayed their values and ethics. Yet it’s something everyone faces many ...
Caption: 1920s Decade

A Brilliant Decade (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

The 1920s was one of the most inventive periods in American history. On the one hand, jazz became an music art form that swept the world, on the other sound engineering made ...
Caption: Henry A.J. Ramos

Democracy and the Next American Economy (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

America is facing challenging times. This much chaos and confusion has not been witnessed since the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and ‘70s. As you’ve most likely felt ...
Caption: Butterbeans & Susie

Lighten Up Your New Year (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

A little levity from talented and inventive musicians can go a long way to putting some pep in your step. Fats Waller could hardly keep from adding humor to any some, but ...
Caption: Helen Lee Bouygues

Combating Fake News (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

There are more incentives to spread fake information than not. Money can play a big factor, but there’s also that immature need to feel that you can pull one over on people. ...
Caption: Vocalion Records

A Season of the Best (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

This is a celebration of some of the finest music and talented musicians who recorded between 1923 and 1933. Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Bix Beiderbecke, Eddie Lang and ...
Caption: Professor Erika Lee

America for Americans (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

We like to think of America as a country that, until recently, welcomes immigrants. In reality, that’s never been the case. You may have read about our ancestors fight ...
Caption: Behind Barbed Wire book Jacket, Credit: Michael Williams & Richard Cahan

Behind Barbed Wire (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. It called for the forced removal of over one-hundred-thousand Japanese Americans from ...