The Nocturnists: Black Voices in Healthcare

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Image by: Ashley Floréal 

An audio documentary storytelling project featuring the voices of Black people in healthcare.

Stories are powerful. They can be used to erase, simplify, dehumanize, and subjugate. But they can also be used to empower, demystify, create empathy, and remind us of the beautiful, messy humanity that binds us to each other. If people in healthcare are going to engage each other in honest, vulnerable conversation about race, fostering these gut-level connections is essential.

Black lives matter.
Black health matters.
Black stories matter.

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There is so much to explore about what it means to be Black in healthcare, but for our first episode we wanted to take a moment to sit with the gri...

  • Added: Jun 30, 2020
  • Length: 34:24