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Playlist: American Jukebox

Compiled By: Roland Foster

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American Jukebox ® (Series)

Produced by Garrett Stack

Most recent piece in this series:

Waiting for the Hurricane

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox ® series | 01:58:00

Waiting_for_the_hurricane_small American Jukebox 119. Waiting For the Hurricane

While we hunkered down and waited for Hurricane Irene in 2011, we had 34 songs about rain, wind and storms. This updated version, that now includes 36 titles, has been slightly reworked in anticipation of Hurricane Florence pounding the Carolinas 9/14 - 9/15, 2018. 
For a complete play list click the link "
Complete Music Details (American_Jukebox_119-B_8-27-11.pdf)" in other areas of this post.