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Playlist: Music 101

Compiled By: Roland Foster

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Music 101 (Series)

Produced by KUNC & The Colorado Sound

Most recent piece in this series:

Mx101 Ep27: Psychedelic Rock (The Beginning), 9/20/2018

From KUNC & The Colorado Sound | Part of the Music 101 series | 33:56

Music_101_recent_small In the mid-1960's, as the youth movement was beginning to take hold all across the world, mind-bending music began making inroads into rock. The idea behind psychedelic music is to use music to mimic how one would feel on hallucinogens. From its infancy in San Francisco (and with early Pink Floyd) to the well-defined psychedelia at the end of the 60's, his week's Music 101 highlights the early years of Psychedelic Rock and how it developed through the 60's, influencing the works of musicians both unknown and well-known.